Kantaris - made by student

Probably you will wonder, if I say that multimedia player Kantaris made by student. Yes, it's not a joke. Developer is Christofer Persson, computer science student at Lund University, Sweden. Kantaris is a strong evidence that regardless of increasing complex of software, we still have skilled craftsmans, who can develop it, even with third party libraries (using libraries is a common practice nowaday).


Limewire is a easy way to find music

Limewire is a popular program used to search for and download files. Limewire users can download and listen to music from this collection. They provide access to their music in exchange for it. Limeware differs from other popular peer-to-peer clients in searching for music by tags and bitrate.


Opera 9.5 all-in-one

Opera has been among the three most popular browsers for many years already. Having a rich version history (the latest one was 9.5 at the moment when this article was written), this web browser has gained a lot of fans (and enemies) and thus proved its right to exists. Since not long ago, Opera has become a completely free browser without advertisement and any limitations.

OpenOffice.org Logo

10 reasons why OpenOffice.org is better than Microsoft Office

OpenOffice.org is being distributed completely free of charge. The cost is not zero, of course, as you have to somehow pay for downloading it, but it is nothing in comparison with what Microsoft wants for its products. All updates and new versions of OpenOffice.org are also free of charge.

How to change my IP address

If you have a router between you and your modem then goto Start > Run... (in Windows XP) type "cmd". Now, in command prompt window you need type and execute follow commands:

  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew

How to repair ISO file

I think that any of you have experienced the following situation at least once in your life. You download the DVD image of a Linux distribution package or some rare game (it's not that I'm not for piracy, but things happen) with some download manager like FlashGet or Wget and the image does not work - the checksum does not match.

Remember your feelings? Even if you have a good bandwidth, it will take a lot of time to download the ISO image again. But fortunately there is a way out. All you have to do is turn to torrent clients, for instance, BitTorrent or uTorrent.