Search for and share all kinds of files using the Gnutella network.

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Lime Wire LLC Publisher
Basic 4.17.9 BetaVersion
Windows (All versions)Requirements

LimeWire is used to search for and exchange files of any types between its users. Based on the Gnutella protocol, LimeWire can connect to any file exchange networks that use the same principles in their work. Once started, the program connects to the central server of its network via the Internet. Then it retrieves all information about network configuration and available resources from there. Multithreaded downloads, resumed downloads and a chat are supported. There is a built-in MP3 player. The program is distributed as adware, but it is possible to purchase the Pro version that has no banners


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Editor's review of Limewire Basic 4.17.9 Beta

Limewire is a popular program used to search for and download files. Limewire users can download and listen to music from this collection. They provide access to their music in exchange for it. Limeware differs from other popular peer-to-peer clients in searching for music by tags and bitrate.

Free LimeWire Basic and commercial LimeWire Pro are available. The difference between Limewire Pro and Basic is small so you can easily download the free version.

The program runs under Windows, Linux and MacOS. To be able to install LimeWire, you will have to download the Java Runtime Environment, the installation software will do it automatically.

Limewire quite easily finds popular music in the mp3 format. The download rate is high, just the way of developers promise.

It is disappointing that there are no rare or new tracks and national artists in the collection. And there is not many music in the flac format that is becoming more and more popular.

The built-in media player and integration with iTunes should make it easier to work with LimeWire. You will not have to open Explorer and search for the downloaded track to evaluate it, the player control buttons are located right in the LimeWire window.

The developers of LimeWire claim that their software has no ads or any other undesirable content in it. Despite that, there are quite a lot of ads and files with fake names. File names in search results may contain URLs of some sites so pay special attention to what you are downloading.

On the whole, you cannot deny that it is much easier to search for popular music in LimeWire than in BitTorrent. The developers have some things to fix, but the drawbacks of LimeWire are not as numerous as its advantages. It is a real pleasure to listen to a couple of new or well-known tracks at the end a workday with just a couple of clicks!